2020 Restaurants Sign Up

Please read this paragraph, as it’ll explain the new items as part of the 2020 Joliet Area Restaurant Week.

  • Digital Passport.  We will be creating a Digital Passport for customers, which will feature your restaurant and your deal.  When a person comes in for a Restaurant Week deal, they will “check-in.”  This means that someone from your front-of-house staff will enter in a 4-digit code into their phone.  Each “check-in” enters that guest into a sweepstakes drawing.
    • We will provide in-person training, printed instructions, and support for your staff to get familiar with the technology.  (This is the same technology that we use for our Heritage Corridor Ale Trail and Joliet Dining Deals passport).
    • Paper passports will also be available for those guests not wanting to use their smartphone.
  • As part of your participation, each restaurant will be required to donate a $25 Gift Card (or more) towards the sweepstakes.  This will help encourage people to visit more restaurants and check-in.

Sign up for Restaurant Week

A form on AirTable.com will open upon pressing the link.